Purple People

A music video for my band's song "Purple People."  

Who are purple people? They're not blue, not red, but somewhere in between. Not cold but not warm, they float through life without a plan, only focusing on their current situation and impressing their peers.


I want to party with the purple people picking up the pieces of their petty, problematic, little lives
I want to dance under the canopy of laughter and of misery, collecting the confessions of the people passing by
Party with - party with purple people - people - I wanna dance I wanna dance wanna party with purple people -people (x4)
I'll play amongst the smattering of purple people chattering, coughing up cacophonies of pretty little lies
and when the pieces fall together, clouds give way for better weather, purple people set their sights ahead and learn to fly

To make the animation come to life I combined traditional painting with digital collage. I find that using real watercolors instead of just painting digitally gives a more spontaneous result and I also get to paint outside which is great. I take the paintings into photoshop where I can make style frames and do frame by frame animation for the characters. I then bring it into after effects to composite and do the final animation.

Original Watercolor Painting of Clark
Original Watercolor Painting of Andy
The Ableton Live Session View. I used lots of layering to create a rich soundscape as the composition itself is pretty simple.