About me

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Hi! I’m Justin. I do art, design, animation, and film. Ig: @Justdorm

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Hi I'm Justin! I'm currently a senior studying Integrated Digital Media at NYU. I'm a Brooklyn based Animator, Designer, Artist, and Filmmaker. I started my artistic journey in fifth grade when I found an old copy of Photoshop on my parent's computer. I became obsessed with the magic of bringing the images in my head out into the world. After doing photography and photo manipulation for a few years I wanted to learn digital painting - However, it was very difficult as I didn’t have any actual painting experience. I went to an art high school where I learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting as well as expanding my digital art knowledge. I’ve picked up assorted artistic mediums along the way, such as jewelry, music production, and SFX mask making. I truly believe that it doesn't matter what medium you use to convey your imagination; If you have a concept to convey, it can be manifested in infinitely different ways.